Thursday, April 30, 2009

From the pages of AFTN, the Top Ten Signs That The 2008/09 Season Wasn't Going To Be Your Team's Year:

(10) When they won the coin toss they did a lap of honour

(9) Just to be on the safe side, they played ten at the back

(8) Team beaten by local primary school kids in the half-time penalty competition

(7) During second-half you noticed players leaving early to beat the traffic

(6) Your top striker kept losing possession with his frequent cigarette breaks

(5) Inner-ear condition made it impossible for your right-back to stay between sidelines

(4) Your best midfielder got injured licking stamps

(3) One of last year's mascots was this year's goalkeeper

(2) Your new winger ran so damn fast against the rotation of the earth that he went back in time to when they didn't even have football and the old-time locals gathered around him, made fun of his shorts, then beat the shit out of him

(1) Your manager was Dave Baikie


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