Sunday, March 29, 2009

Buried in amongst all the International games yesterday, East Fife's season finally ground to a halt.

In a season that had promised so much hope, optimism and enthusiasm, another lacklustre display in a 2-0 defeat at Stirling Albion basically sealed the team's fate for the year.

Next season (bar an amazing collapse that I don't even think Dave Baikie could mastermind) Second Division football will be on show once again at Bayview Stadium.

From all accounts, the Stirling loss was more powderpuff stuff from the black and gold. No fight. No commitment. No hope on show. It was a performance that left the Fife faithful very subdued and certainly not enjoying the silence.

From watching the highlights on Stirling's website (Watch Them Here), it's hard to take anything positive or optimistic from the game.

I'll be honest though. I'm glad we didn't go up as we would have been murdered next season. We don't have the current infrastructure at the Club to survive at that level. I don't want to go through another season like our last First Division experience in the 90's.

What we're left with now is meaningless games, but let's not make them that. Let's make them count for something by starting the rebuilding now.

Get rid of the management team. Don't rush in with a permanent replacement. Let Lee Makel run the team till the end of the season and see if we have a potential future young management star on our hands.

Most importantly though, get rid of the deadwood and play some youth. Bring in the players out on loan. Let's see what they've got. Run with Div Muir for the rest of the season. Drop the ones that are likely to go anyway.

The rebuilding HAS to start now. Without it we don't have any hope of moving forward and building a solid base for the future.

There's a Board meeting tomorrow evening. Let's just hope that the powers that be also see it this way and that the changes start now.


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