Tuesday, March 24, 2009

If it wasn't for it feeling freezing outside and the constant rain and drearyness, you'd think it was the summer. Actually, scrap that, that IS like a Scottish summer!

Anyway it's nothing to do with the weather, it's due to the lack of midweek football on the TV this week.

With the Champions League, Cup replays and just general League games filling our midweek footballing stomachs for months on end, when you have a blank midweek like this it feels strange. Our appetites have been spoiled.

What do you do to fill that gap? Well for me, I've actually rediscovered an old love, the football magazine WHEN SATURDAY COMES.

When I was doing AFTN as a printed fanzine, all us editors had swap deals going on. Spreading the word of our club and getting loads of free fanzines from all over the UK in return.

I'd bought When Saturday Comes for a few issues and once AFTN was up and running, WSC sent free copies of every issue of the magazine to me (and most others). It was a key network for them. Fan friendly journalists available to them at the drop of an envelope. This enabled them to be fresh and have their fingers on the real fans pulses way before the papers got on board.

I had various things published in their esteemed pages and even a feature article in their "Twelve Inches High And Made Of Solid Gold" book.

Even in the lean AFTN years and the initial days of the website, the free issues still came until a few years back.

I hadn't read it for a couple of years and actually hadn't really given it much of a second thought. I even threw out all my old issues about 18 months ago after unsuccessfully trying to sell them on ebay. I do regret that now.

Whilst trying to do some research for an article for AFTN I stumbled across their website last week and instantly remembered what I loved about the magazine and have resubscribed.

So with a football free week I got round to reading their latest issue today. It's still as fresh and fun as ever and it's easy to see why it's reached 266 issues already. It's great stuff and it covers so much and so many different clubs. The humour is still as sharp as ever as well.

For those of you that have never seen it, or even heard of it, I recommend you start by checking out their website HERE.

It's a "half decent football magazine" and I can't wait for my next issue already. Just wish I'd kept all my old ones now!


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