Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm proud to be an East Fife supporter. Supporting a small club to me is what football is all about.
Anyone can support a team that wins all the time.

What's the worst thing that can happen to you if you support Rangers or Celtic? You might finish second in the league but you're still qualified for the Champions League. Boo hoo.

I like that there's not much of us any more. It's a shame but also somehow satisfying in a strange way. You feel more personal and attached to the Club. You really feel that you are part of the Club. That it's your Club. Prior to tomorrow's game our average home attendance for this season is 941. Disappointing when you think what we achieved last season but at the same time not really surprising. Gone are scenes from old Bayview like this:

Looking back at the troubled times we had at the Club under Chairmen like Julian Danskin and Derrick Brown, there were a number of people who said "I'm not going back till he's got nothing to do with the Club". Both men have long departed but where are all these fans from before?

That's the trouble. Once people find a different pursuit for a Saturday afternoon it's hard to get them back. Once they're out of the swing and the buzz of cheering on the Fife every week it's hard to get that swing going again. In other words it's getting easier and easier for many to find something else to do on a Saturday.

That's why it's important that fans at clubs like East Fife, and other lower league Clubs, stick together. We need to stay unified.

It's been disappointing for me to read on the AFTN forum fans falling out with each other and turning really abusive at the same time just because we disagree on the best way forward for the Club.

There's not a lot of us and turning on each other is not the way forward. We need all the support we can get.


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