Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One of the great things about football is the emotions it creates. Two people can be standing side by side, watching the same game and leave with differing feelings.

I know that can be true of so many things in life but the highs and the lows that football creates is a truely wonderous thing.

Sure the bad times can be really bad but when the good times come around there's no better feeling.

I used to take the bad times pretty bad sometimes. A defeat on a Saturday afternoon would put me in a foul mood all weekend. Not the best company to be with. I'm not as bad now. I put that down to getting older as opposed to losing the passion and interest. It still hurts though. It's still depression inducive.

As a follower of a small time Club you see the bad times way more often than the good. This is particularly true with being an East Fife fan. It's an old gag but I've supported them through thin and thinner.

That's half the fun. What pleasure can you really get watching a team deliver trophy after trophy?!

Winning the Third Division Championship was something I'll never forget. The first time I've actually seen the Club lift silverware that wasn't the Fife Cup or some bizarre trophy given to the team at a friendly in Wick.

That euphoria lasted over the summer and carried myself and many others on a wave of optimism that we would soon be sweeping all before us once again and be First Division bound in no time at all.

Of course, football being football and tactical disasters being tactical disasters, things haven't quite worked out like that as we've seen our promotion hopes sink faster than UK banking shares. Currently lying in sixth place, our match tonight against League leaders Ayr United was a must win game.

Well, I say a must win game, but many down Bayview way have long given up on us having any hope of making the playoffs. I still linger on until Carol Vorderman can prove it to be mathematically impossible. After a 1-0 lacklustre defeat, she won't have too many calculations to do.

Four defeats on the bounce would do it. Pushing all those depression buttons. It is truely a season of missed opportunities, aided and abetted by some woeful team selection and tactics shown by our manager Dave Baikie.

Oh the lows.

Having two teams that are close to your heart though can cure all (sometimes).

Can you love two teams? Well maybe not entirely 50-50 but I've found out that you can be brought to ecstasy by them both.

My other love, the Vancouver Whitecaps, managed to snap me out of my sadness with the great news, and possibly the worst secret in North American football, that come 2011 they would be a MLS side.

The euphoria amongst football fans in the city is unsurpassed in a non Championship winning sense. It feels like things are going to take off big time in a city that's just needs their football passion reawakened.

More about that announcement tomorrow but it was nice to have my football high and low today almost simultaneously.

It really is a funny old game.


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